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Fee Guide

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Fee Guide

Initial examination & consultation including two small radiographs, check for mouth cancer, TMJ, gum health, soft and hard tissue examination and treatment plan from £35.00
Routine exam from £32.50
X-Ray Small from £6.00
Full mouth X-Ray (Pan-oral) from £30.00
Deep Scale from £45.00
Gum treatment(incl. local Antibiotic Application  ) from £440.00
Air flow  ( incl. Scale and Polish ) from £65.00
Cosmetic consultation / photos from £65.00
Study models from £50.00
Waxed up models (per tooth) from £30.00
Tooth Whitening
Power - in surgery from £499.00
Home kit from £299.00
Veneer (exclusive quality) from £450.00
Gum recontouring from £20.00
Onlays & Inlays
Porcelain onlay ( Empress,Sculpture,Concept HP) from £400.00
Composite onlay from £225.00
Gold onlay from £400.00
All ceramic/metal free  (Empress, Procera, Cercon) from £549.00
Full gold from £450.00
Porcelain bonded from £380.00
Re-cement crown from £35.00
3 unit porcelain bonded from £950.00
Additional units from £300.00
All ceramic/metal free per unit from £499.00
Restorations & Fillings
Small tooth coloured from £70.00
Medium tooth coloured from £85.00
Large tooth coloured from £95.00
Small grey metal from £59.00
Large grey metal from £65.00
Front tooth from £220.00
Pre-molar (small back tooth) from £299.00
Molar (large back tooth) from £375.00
Complex treatments are referred to our Specialist endodontists    
Simple extraction - per tooth from £69.00
Surgical extraction - per tooth from £125.00
Apicectomies and complex extractions are referred to Specialists POA  
Full acrylic denture (upper or lower) from £400.00
Full acrylic denture (upper and lower) from £685.00
Partial acrylic denture   £300.00
Monomer-Free Thermoplastic Partial Denture(Valplast) from £700.00
Metal based denture  from £695.00
Precision or attachment Denture from POA
Addition to acrylic denture from £65.00
Reline to denture from £90.00
Repairs to dentures from £45.00
Tooth coloured clasp from £60.00
Fissure sealants - per tooth from £30.00
Fluoride application from £20.00
Mouthguard clear from £95.00
Mouthguard one colour from £95.00
Mouthguard multi colour   £125.00
Night Guard ( Soft/Hard ) from £99.00
1/2 hour from £45.00
Implants consultation (incl. radiographs) from £85.00
Implants (Osteo-care) from £1,800.00
Sinus lift and Bone augmentation  POA  
Crown lengthening POA  
Facial Rejuvenation (Botulinum Toxin)
Forehead from  
Glabella from  
"Crow Feet" from  
Forehead, Glabella and "Crow Feet" from  
Eyebrow lifting from  



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